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Athletes push themselves all day every day to earn a spot on the leader board when it is go-time.  Hours upon hours in the gym, on the field, or in the game are often necessary to be the best of the best, but all that athletic training can come at the price of misalignment.

The top vertebra, usually referred to as the Atlas, is located at the bottom of the skull and is one of the key components of a healthy spine.  The positioning of the Atlas can impact the alignment of hips, shoulders, other vertebrae, and virtually the entire body.  If the Atlas becomes misaligned, it can put unwanted pressure on arteries, blood vessels, cranial nerves, and the spinal cord.  In addition to uncomfortable pressure the condition can also cause severe discomfort and pain that may compromise an athlete’s performance.

The AtlasPROfilax treatment is a short vibro-massage of neck muscles located just underneath the head that can usually be performed in roughly five minutes.  Unlike chiropractic procedures, the massage generally does not include any manipulations that will cause undesirable cracking or popping.  The AtlasPROfilax treatment should allow the Atlas to return to its optimal position, leaving you ready to get back in the game.


Many amateur athletes work well beyond the duration of their actual season and most professional athletes work hard year round.  But a competitor of any work level who regularly engages in athletic training is putting their body at risk if they are not closely listening to it.

Ensuring that an athlete’s Atlas is correctly aligned generally yields better overall spine health which in turn better supports both the joints and muscles that extend from it.  The simple AtlasPROfilax procedure can help athletes achieve their optimal health while giving their bodies the competitive edge they need to perform when it really counts.

Proper alignment of the spine is a crucial part for most sports, but it is an integral part of achieving success in athletic training for sports such as baseball, football, golf, basketball, soccer, swimming and tennis.


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Testimonials from Real Customers about Escape The Pain and The AtlasPROfilax Treatment!

I have been living with neck and back pain for several years now due to years of playing contact sports. I was introduced to this therapy by happenstance and it has been a game changer. Within minutes there is relief and for the next following weeks there is a gradually feeling of realignment of the spine. I highly recommend the therapy to anyone with neck and back problems.

– Woodie Perkins

In February of 2018 I broke my tailbone skiing. Unbeknownst to me, this triggered a list of problems associated with back and neck pain. After my procedure, I had Instant relief from gnawing neck pain! I continue to feel great, and highly recommend the procedure.

– Amy Polka

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