Life With Chronic Pain

The Atlas, or top cervical vertebra that is just below the base of an individual’s skull, influences the central nervous system and is one of the key components for overall health.  A misaligned Atlas can cause unnecessary pressure on arteries, blood vessels, cranial nerves, and the spinal cord which can result in a life with chronic pain.  However, the AtlasPROfilax method, a targeted upper neck massage, could alleviate headaches, muscle tension, and other chronic pain symptoms and have you feeling ready to take on the world again in no time.

Classic Chronic Pain Ailments

Neck, Shoulder, and Upper Back

Other Chronic Symptoms

Testimonials from Real Customers about Escape The Pain and The AtlasPROfilax Treatment!

Highly highly recommend Tifany and Atlas Profilax. I had major posture issues just because I have small children and work at a desk. I also had fallen down the stairs this year and was having constant neck pain and spasms. I had one leg an inch and a half longer than the other one. After this 3-4 minute massage treatment, I had immediate results, even legs, clear head, pain free and no more spasms! That is just my experience, but I know there are countless others as well. Besides that, I continue to feel better each day as my spine realigns back to its optimal position! Don’t wait any longer, there is no reason not to give it a try!

– Miranda Hadamik

I’m a very high-stress individual and carry a lot of tension everywhere. I still need to complete my follow up but even after the initial session, I felt immediate relief. The wall test… probably the single best indicator that let’s you know just how jacked up your alignment is. What’s the wall test? Well, for that answer, you have to call Tifany Teague. Thanks for the work you’ve done this far and I look forward to my next visit. Money well spent and I highly recommend this treatment to anyone.

– Brandon Polka

Tifany is very knowledgeable in what she is doing. She explained how this procedure works and the benefits beforehand. I felt well informed and at ease. I will not lie, it did hurt but immediately after I had full range of motion when I turn my head and my posture has greatly improved. Job well done Tifany!

– Toni Rissman

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