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In 2013, Tifany was an award-winning, highly successful, real estate professional. Between her long, demanding work days and time devoted to her son, her days were hard-charging.  And then she woke up with a sharp pain in her right shoulder. Over the next few months that pain spread to her neck and back, arms and hands–nearly everywhere. Headaches became unbearable. Her hands and face were numb. Nothing helped. The debilitating pain kept her from keeping appointments with her clients or attending her son’s activities. She feared it was a brain tumor. Multiple MRIs and many physical evaluations later, doctors could not explain why this once healthy, young mother was in so much pain that even her skin hurt to be touched.

After nearly two years of crippling pain, tens of thousands of dollars and no relief, she read about a study from Switzerland that suggested all her symptoms could be cause by a rotated Atlas C-1 vertebrae – the one vertebrae never examined by any of her many doctors and specialists. That is when she discovered AtlasPROfilax, the treatment that realigns the Atlas C-1. She was willing to try anything! In so much pain that she was not able to travel, she convinced an AtlasPROfilax practitioner to fly from San Francisco to Houston to treat her. With just one visit, 75% of her pain disappeared. She could hug her son without crying in pain!  For the first time in many months, she felt confident she wasn’t going to die.

All Tifany’s ailments were indeed caused by a misaligned Atlas. The treatment literally changed her life. She was able to go back to work, to restore relationships with friends and family, and to live an abundant life again. But she could not quit thinking about all the others out there like her who were misdiagnosed. It became Tifany’s mission to help others with chronic pain.

Tifany founded Escape The Pain to provide this life-changing treatment to others. As 1 of only 15 certified AtlasPROfilax practitioners in America, she is passionate about helping people in chronic pain regain control of their lives. By realigning their Atlas, she is able to eliminate her patients’ pain altogether or at least reduce it to a more-manageable level.

Tifany gets emotional every time a grateful client raves about the pain relief gained from the treatment because she remembers what it was like. She rejoices with her patients as they rediscover aspects of normal life that their chronic pain took from them.

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